About "Esentai Gourmet"

The exclusive grocery store of premium class started its work on the 20 th of October 2012 in Kazakhstan. The grocery store was opened in conjunction with the well-known Russian project "Globus Gourmet", which is for several years successfully operating in the market of Moscow and St. Petersburg. The total area of the grocery store is 2 200 square meters.

“Esentai Gourmet” is a principally new approach to the formation of their own menu of high quality products and specialties from around the world. A distinctive feature of the grocery store is always fresh, healthy and quality food.


The offered assortment of the grocery store is able to meet the needs of the most sophisticated and experienced connoisseurs of food. Altogether there are more than 10 000 names of goods, 5000 of which are exclusive products that can only be found in “Esentai Gourmet”. There is a wide choice of Belgian handmade chocolate, which is on sale in such famous department stores as “Harrods”, “Lafayette” and “KaDeWe”.

The grocery store “Esentai Gourmet” is pleased to present a collection of the best olive oil, choice cheese from around the world - goat and sheep cheese with truffles, hard cheese, cheese with a white and blue mold, cheese with washed red crust and other traditional sorts. In the deli meat’s assortment you can find aged Iberian ham and the famous Parma ham.

“Esentai Gourmet” has a conception of take-away restaurant, as well as a large variety of delicate gastronomic gifts.

The purchase of products in “Esentai Gourmet” will become a real pleasure!